Empowering Generosity: 7 Happy Portland Restaurants

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As a Empowering winter storm threatens to blanket Portland with snow, local chefs and restaurant owners are not merely battening down  the hatches; they are innovating. Anticipating the challenges posed by the impending snowstorm, a wave of “Snowpocalypse Kits” or “Survival Kits” is emerging across the city. These curated meal packages, designed for families and individuals alike, aim to help both customers stock up before the weather hits and local businesses bolster their revenue during challenging times.

The Impending Winter Storm:

Meteorologists are predicting a significant winter weather event in Portland over the weekend, thanks to an arctic blast impacting much of the country. Forecasts indicate the possibility of 1 to 8 inches of snow accumulation, freezing rain, and temperatures plunging into the teens. Such conditions could make travel treacherous, affecting both diners and food service workers’ ability to access restaurants and food carts.

Snow days have historically proven financially disastrous for restaurant and food cart owners in Portland. The lack of extreme weather infrastructure in the city exacerbates the impact, as even a modest amount of snow can lead to chaos due to infrequent plowing or de-icing measures. Business owners estimate that snow days can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, making it crucial for them to find innovative solutions.

Empowering Rise of "Snowpocalypse Kits":

In response to the impending storm, some business owners are adopting the strategy of “stocking up.” Empowering Restaurants and carts are offering winter meal kits labeled as “Snowpocalypse Kits” or “Survival Kits.” Sugarpine Drive-In, for example, plans to stay open over the weekend but is offering sandwich fixings, salads, and soups in convenient kits for two or three people. Other establishments, like Indian American restaurant Masala Lab and food carts Desi PDX and Chaat Wallah, are planning to close preemptively, utilizing their restaurant space as a pickup location for meal kits. The goal is to soften the financial blow while providing a valuable service for diners.

Historical Impact of Snowstorms on Portland's Food Industry:

Empowering Portland has historically been more significantly impacted by snowstorms than other cities due to its lack of extreme weather infrastructure. Even a modest amount of snow can lead to widespread disruption, with business owners often calling out the city for not creating safer conditions for commuters. This has led to closures, power outages, and challenges in keeping food and employees warm, especially at food carts.

Adaptability in the Face of Unpredictability:

Restaurant owners and chefs in Portland have become accustomed to dealing with unpredictable events, from extreme weather to wildfires and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they have developed alternative service models to navigate challenging conditions. The Empowering “Snowpocalypse Kits” draw parallels to the family meals introduced during the early days of the pandemic, with larger orders meant for multiple meals, aiding both diners and businesses in making up for lost revenue.


Several restaurants are stepping up to offer cold weather meal options to Portlanders. Masala Lab, for instance, is providing “Survival Kit” meals that include a pint of rice, a pint of chai concentrate, and a pint of the restaurant’s dhal or masala pulled pork. Sugarpine Drive-In’s “Snowpocalypse Kit” includes fixings for pulled pork or grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, salad, and soft serve. Por Que No is offering taco kits packed cold to reheat, complete with tortillas, toppings, and options for meat or veggies. Lauretta Jean’s is embracing the cold with take-and-bake pot pies, featuring flavors like chicken, broccoli cheddar, and cauliflower curry. 


As Portland braces for an impending winter storm, local restaurants are turning adversity into opportunity. The emergence of  Empowering “Snowpocalypse Kits” reflects the resilience and adaptability of the city’s food industry. By providing convenient and hearty meal options for customers, these kits not only address immediate needs but Empowering also serve as a lifeline for businesses navigating the unpredictable landscape of winter weather. As the city prepares for the snowfall, the warmth of community support and creative solutions shine through, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, Portland’s culinary scene continues to innovate and thrive.

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